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Havana, Cuba (or How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us…)


Wow, Havana Cuba – what to say about Havana? It’s an explosion of colour. An extraordinary mix of old colonial splendour and decrepit socialist utopia, mixed with a smattering of run-down English sea-side town bolted
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8 Things We Learnt About Mexico City…


1. There is a kangaroo on the Metro – and we’re not entirely sure why… The Mexico City metro works on a great system of icons for each station as well as names, so you know
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Begin The Begin – Mexico City…


Well hello there Mexico City…! I’m not quite sure what we were expecting, but it turns out to be a pretty awesome place. Dusty, dirty and thronging with people for sure, but with wide boulevards,
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Airportman – on the way…

Mexico to New York

After getting you all excited by the promise of a constant stream of interweb based bulletins on our extensive travels, it must seem that we’ve been awful quiet so far… Well, we have been spending
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