Hey there! I know what you’re thinking – who are you and what are you doing on my computer screen…? Well, I’m Kirralee. And I’m David. And this is our Travel Blog…

Kirralee is a professional business owner, chocolate lover and philanthropist. After his career as a clown was cruelly cut short by that unfortunate incident with the unicycle, David dedicated his life to working for various charities, mainly his own.

So, here we go… The ‘Trip of a Lifetime’…. We’ve put our stuff into storage, put our work lives on hold, and we’re about to embark on a Road Trip across the USA… The plan is to visit 40 US States, while sticking our heads into Mexico and Cuba on the way, popping into Canada here and there, and dropping in on a few European haunts on the way back to sunny Melbourne. For the record, we reckon we’ll drive about 34,000km and fly another 55,000km.

Why America? We all know the stereotype – and yes, if we wanted to see obnoxious, poorly educated, over-weight and culturally bereft idiots we could have stayed at home and watched The Footy Show. No, we are hoping to discover something deeper – after all, as well as the Kardashians, McDonalds and Hot Tub Time Machine, this is also the country that has given us Matt Berninger and Woody Allen, Jackson Pollock and Edward Hopper, 30 Rock and The West Wing, Joseph Heller and Saul Below… We are looking forward to finding out just what makes the real USofA tick.

Along the way we’ll see some of man’s finest urban creations – think New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, Chicago… And let’s not forget those natural wonders – Yosemite and Yellowstone, the Pacific Coast and the Mississippi valley, the Rockies and the Everglades, and everything in between.

Why document it all in a big fat blog? Well, part vanity project, part record of what we do… plus a good number of you said you’d like to keep in touch with what we’re up to. So you asked for it. The plan is to fill it with lots of large wonderful photos taken by our resident professional photographer, while the other small parts will be filled with the sort of ramblings you have already rather gamely put up with for the last 2 minutes. I’m sure that, just like your favourite pornography, the pictures will linger longer in the memory than the words, especially as I haven’t tried to write anything creative since my last tax return….

And so we embark on our adventure – with pre-conceived ideas put to one side, and with an ironic brow raised above a twinkling eye. Stay tuned to see how we did….