After getting you all excited by the promise of a constant stream of interweb based bulletins on our extensive travels, it must seem that we’ve been awful quiet so far… Well, we have been spending a great deal of time on a trifecta of long haul international flights – I think if I am asked ‘chicken or fish’ once more, or told that my nearest exit may be behind me, then I might just scream and deliberately inflate my lifejacket before leaving the aircraft…

I have spared you all news from our very brief visit to Blightly – If the blog had been called NuneatonToNewYork then I would have already informed you about my mum and dad’s new conservatory, the difficulty of finding a decent coffee in the West Midlands, and how much I miss English country pubs (some of which seem to have Thai restaurants based them nowadays, which is very cosmopolitan).

And what have we learnt from all this flying around? Qantas, I am told, get 5/5 for gluten free food, while British Airways get a measly 1/5. BA do win bonus points for having the most helpful check-in dude at Heathrow. And Changi Airport in Singapore really does have it’s own butterfly garden (or butter-waitinginthegateforboarding garden to be exact.)

So we have just arrived in Mexico City. If we survive the jetlag (poor us) we’ll be in touch….


  • Elizabeth Martin says:
    April 16, 2014 at 7:18 am Reply

    Well done you two, you’ve made it to the starting point!!! Glad the parents are good Dave but you may just have to wait to get home for a decent coffee; Claire tells me that the only decent places to get coffee in the USA are run by Melbournians!! Beautiful autumn days here, a perfect time of year. I’m going to make more hot cross buns tomorrow and a huge lasagne for the weekend……I think the masses are coming for Sunday/Monday. Really looking forward to more postings. Love, the Martins.

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