Wow, Havana Cuba – what to say about Havana? It’s an explosion of colour. An extraordinary mix of old colonial splendour and decrepit socialist utopia, mixed with a smattering of run-down English sea-side town bolted onto a stunning Old Town of plazas and cobbled streets straight out of southern Spain or Sicily. Add in more classic American cars than you can shake a stick at (plus a generous dose of Soviet-era Ladas). And set it all on a balmy tropical island, where the pace of life is the calmer side of relaxed. Oh, and did I mention the white sandy beach and clear Caribbean waters?

Havana is a lot more varied than we were expecting. You have your grand old houses where the pre-Castro rich lived in luxury, places that have gone to decay but still retain some of their original character.

Colourful_Havana_Cuba_001 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_002 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_003 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_004 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_005 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_006Colourful_Havana_Cuba_016Cuba_Havana_032

There are the monstrous Communist era tower and government office blocks straight from the Joseph Stalin School of Art and Design, Moscow campus. The best example of this is Revolutionary Square, a bland 5 acres of tarmac rescued by a couple of enormous metal sculptures of Che Guevara and Uncle Fidel. (Despite being one of the last bastions of the old Communist world, there is a disappointing lack of cult-of-personality Billboards – Castro doesn’t stare down from every street corner…)

The back streets of Havana are straight out of a novel – dirty but colourful streets with the locals hanging out, talking and shouting across the streets to each other, while dogs languidly loll in the heat. Cuba_Havana_034Colourful_Havana_Cuba_007 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_008 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_009Cuba_Havana Colourful_Havana_Cuba_010  Colourful_Havana_Cuba_013 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_014 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_015  Colourful_Havana_Cuba_017 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_018 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_019 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_020 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_021 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_022 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_023

And people queue. A lot. They seem to mainly queue for buses and at banks or government kiosks. But they do so in good humour, with a system whereby once you have a place in the queue, you can leave and sit down, and return when your turn gets closer to the front. Not good if you join a queue at the back and find hundreds of people who aren’t in the queue are actually in the queue. But it seems to all happen in such a laid back, relaxed way.

Colourful_Havana_Cuba_024 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_025 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_026 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_027 Colourful_Havana_Cuba_028

The back streets of the Old Town are more Third World – dusty thoroughfares with fascinating facades that seem to be very dark and run down inside.

All this makes a stark contrast to the centre of the Old Town, where the government has clearly spent some money on cleaning up the place. The old squares and streets are wonderfully restored with numerous outdoor restaurants and bars. And from each place you will hear a Cuban 4-piece band belting out their Caribbean jazz and salsa and rumba. The singers are generally extraordinary – but boy, they do not like to let you leave without a tip for the band!


  • Comandante Che Guevara looking down on you, the feeling must be one you can not translate.

  • Wow, these pictures are fantastic!!! Feels like we have been there yesterday…
    Enjoy your stay in Havana.

  • Thankyou Kirralee and David for this wonderful glimpse into Cuba. It must have been a very interesting experience. Thanks for sharing your memoirs through these exceptional photos matched by a most informative write up. Enjoy your time as you journey on. Beryl

  • Lee Ponsioen says:
    May 1, 2014 at 8:48 am Reply

    Kirralee and Dave your photos are amazing really picking up on the people and the country well done keep enjoying yourselves and stay safe.

  • Hi Kirralee and Dave,

    Love looking at your photos and reading about your adventures so far! Beautiful photos Kirralee, you are documenting great coverage of each location in a beautiful way (and very creatively ;). Love the shot of the woman on the pay phone. Can see a coffee table book in the future…with Dave’s writing to accompany it.

    Happy and safe travels.
    Love A xxxxxx

  • The style there seems similar to over hear in Catalunya. Great photos, and Dave, get your top of and tan that pome skin!!! Cuba looks like a cool place, on ya guys. cheers

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