So how exactly did we get here, at the beginning of our epic journey across The States? It all started 18+ months ago as a wild, crazy idea, spoken more than half jokingly. I mean, who leaves their job and mortgage and responsibilities behind to travel on a 7 month Road Trip? Didn’t we have superannuation and careers and grown up things to think of? And who was going to look after the dog? (Luckily we didn’t actually have a dog, so this one took care of itself.)

The crazy trip idea evolved from “of course we can’t do it” to “of course we can’t do it, but if we did, what would we want to see?” So we made a list – and a list became a map, peppered with different coloured labels and spread out on the lounge room carpet, Stephen Fry holding down one corner, Bill Bryson another. The labels became a route, and the route became a plan.

Why are we doing it? Check out our ‘About’ page for clues…

And here’s the rundown of what we hope to get up to – we fly from Melbourne to the UK via Singapore for a few days catching up with family, then over to Mexico City; duck across to Havana, Cuba, then back to Cancun in Mexico; next stop Dallas where the Road Trip begins in earnest. (Earnest is not a place, by the way, more a state of mind…) We’ll hit the road, and get into as much mischief as possible, ending up in New York City in October. From there, we’ll get a few wintry weeks back in the UK and Europe, before landing back in Aus – homeless, jobless and skint, but having completed the Trip of a Lifetime.

That’s the plan anyway. It has been great fun putting everything together, even all the tight-arse saving and sacrifices we have made along the way. (I, for example, have had to kick my addiction to indoor football, and Kirralee has cut down on her obsession to buy scarves everywhere she goes – I mean, who needs so many scarves?!).

So here we are – flights booked, campervan sorted, bags packed, possessions squished into a storage container, visas approved (don’t even start me on how incredibly difficult it is to get a US visa over their stoopid website). Next stop – teary goodbyes at the airport…

  • Elizabeth Martin says:
    March 30, 2014 at 2:31 pm Reply

    Absolutely brilliant Kirralee & Dave!! I think this will be a wonderful experience, and Andrew and I will watch your progress with great interest. I’m sure it will be well worth the indoor football sacrifice Dave, but let’s get real here, nothing will make up for poor Kirralee having to go without purchasing scarves…..from one who has countless scarves, they are a necessity of life! Stay safe and have endless fun while away.
    Much love and best wishes on your journey.
    Elizabeth & Andrew

  • Chris Charlton says:
    April 9, 2014 at 4:32 am Reply

    Hi Kirralee and David,

    I hope you have a wonderful trip – an amazing opportunity you will never forget…stay safe and well – with love and very best wishes for the next 7 months, from Chris. xoxoxox

  • I’ve stayed away from reading as I like to get the full story, but then I couldn’t sleep so thought it might help. But now I’m wide awake dreaming of a trip of my own. Dave, you have quite the talent for writing. No job when you get back maybe a sign to write an amusing travel guide. Half the jobs already done, still copy and paste is hard work. Ensure you hire a secretary to make coffee. Please think of me when hiring, I may like to pop in regularly lol.

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